About Jeanna Shepard photography

Jeanna Petersen Shepard is a resident of New Canaan, Connecticut and Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. After raising four children and holding board positions at various local nonprofits as photography and publicity director, she started Jeanna Shepard Photography (2006) with a focus on portraiture and photojournalism. She was the lead freelance photographer for New Canaan News (and other Fairfield County Hearst Publication newspapers) for 6 years (2008-14), and has been photographing for the Vineyard Gazette on Martha's Vineyard since 2011. For the Gazette, she has won several first place and second place photography awards at NENPA (New England Newspaper and Press Association) between 2016-2019. Just this past month, she was awarded a first place for best Pictorial Photo and second place for Photo Story. It was during her assignments on Martha's Vineyard, as well as to homes and gardens in Fairfield County, where she found her affinity for landscape photography, thus developing a fine art business as well. She has been in several galleries and exhibits both in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Above all, Jeanna's most gratifying ongoing photography endeavor has been a series of portraits of children enduring cancer, taken for a project she initiated with Circle of Care for Families of Children with Cancer. "Life Within the Journey" is a photojournalistic gallery featuring these young patients and photographed on their days of treatment. It shows the other side of a cancer diagnosis - the bravery, spirit and hope - and celebrates the families who have endured so much. For the month of June 2017, 46 of her portraits lined the hall between the Legislative Office Building and the State Capitol in Hartford, Connecticut. She just finished another round of 30 portraits in November.