Letti, Age 2

Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma

They will carry you through.
In our darkest, most vulnerable moments, we count on the strength of those closest to us. Children who face adversity are remarkably resilient. They possess an indomitable spirit and carry on despite the turmoil within. Letti's mom says that she's tougher than her six siblings combined, and somehow she just knew Letti would be okay.
Sometimes faith is inspired by the tiniest among us.

Carlee, Age 20

Diagnosis: Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma

Dare to dream.
Most brides don't wake up in a hospital bed on the morning of their wedding. But this was no ordinary wedding, as she was far from an ordinary bride.
Cancer had disrupted the couple's original plans to exchange vows in a traditional ceremony in November, but Carlee was determined. So she set her dream in motion - the cake was selected, bridesmaids chosen, and guests notified. Carlee would be married...she would just have to do it within the walls of Yale New Haven Hospital, and she would have to do it sooner than planned. Carlee was greeted by over 200 guests that day. Though she was seated in her wheelchair and was still receiving oxygen, she was simply radiant in her long white gown. When it was time, she rose, and with her father by her side, she left her wheelchair behind, and walked down the aisle. On that day, love beat cancer.
Carlee and Ethan were married on July 3, 2014.
She died just nine days later.

Ethan, Age 2

Diagnosis: Anaplastic Ependymoma Grade 3

You should see me now . . .
some days it feels like the cure is worse than the cancer. for Ethan, if it could go wrong, it did. Emergency airlifts. surgical complications. collapsed lungs. Infections. But at the end of each day, he had overcome every obstacle to recovery.
They call him indestructible - and he is. Dressed in his favorite superhero t-shirt and cape, Ethan is like every other little boy his age, except for one thing: his superpower is real. Ethan gives us all the power to hope.

Circle of Care presents a poignant gallery "Life Within The Journey" featuring portraits of 46 pediatric cancer patients. It is a traveling gallery which offers an alternative view of a cancer diagnosis -  showing the bravery, spirit, hope, grace and gratitude, and much more - of these children - all delicately captured by Jeanna Shepard.  A rotating gallery of these portraits is on permanent display at Smilow Cancer Center at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital.

Within the journey, there is . . .

Mackenzies, Age 4
Diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

I am Still Me.
I am mighty, I am brave.
I am irritable. And confused.
I have good days. And bad days. And days that are somewhere in between.
I cry. And I laugh.
I play. I pout.
I do not know what it means to be a cancer patient. But I'm trying.
And today, I just need you to all me to be me.

Luis, Age 9

Diagnosis: Anaplastic Anemia

It will be okay.
At the beginning of this journey, you held his hand.
Now, he hold yours, comforting you with quiet assurance.
Courage doesn't always roar.

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Daniel, Age 7

Diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

27, 240 hours...
Diagnosis at age five.
Stoke 19 days after diagnosis.
One week in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.
Two weeks of blood transfusions.
Five weeks of inpatient stroke therapy.
Paralysis on right side and loss of speech.
19 lumbar puncture intrathecal chemo treatments.
Three bone marrow aspirations.
Six inpatient high dose IV infusions of methotrexate.
180 missed school days.
1,135 days, 162 weeks. 27,240 hours.
However you calculate it, it was too much. But not for Daniel.